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Carboard Cat Scratchers

0 Comments 16 April 2010

Carboard Cat Scratchers

Why pay for cardboard cat scratchers? Repurpose old boxes into your own homemade catscratcher. Cut one piece out to the size you would like the scratcher to be, and use that as a template for the rest of your pieces. For the cat post pictured, we used strips of glue at the top and bottom to attach the pieces together. After we decided it was wide enough, we painted the sides with a non-toxic paint.

To decorate, we cut cat shapes out of scrap paper, painted them with watercolors, and added a modge podge finish. Be sure anything you use to decorate this project is non-toxic, but get creative! We stuck with a rectangular shape for this particular scratcher, but feel free to play around with shapes. Consider making a circular scratcher, an angled scratcher – whatever you think would catch your cat’s interest.

When done, don’t forget to sprinkle the scratcher with catnip!

As soon as the catnip was down, the cats came running to put the scratcher to use.

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