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Homemade Jar Candles

0 Comments 19 April 2010

Homemade Jar Candles

Repurpose empty jars into stylish candles. Old mustard, jam and mason jars work especially well for this project. You’ll want to use a jar with an opening wide enough to allow you to light the candle and trim the wick as necessary.

Materials you’ll need to purchase:

•   Candle wicks
•   Candle wax
•   Candle scent oils (optional)

Other household items you’ll need:

•   Crayons (optional to provide color)
•   A candy thermometer
•   Double broiler or two pans of similar size
•   Chopsticks or pencils
•   Paperclip or similar item

Fill the bottom part of the double broiler with water and heat it on the stove. Place the candle wax in the other pan and place it on top of the bottom pan to melt the wax.

When the wax is completely melted, stir in the fragrance according to the directions on the scented oil.

Add in your crayon of choice if you want a colored candle. Melt and then stir. Add pieces of the crayon until you get the desired color. To test how the color will look, remove a small portion of the wax and allow it to cool.

Use the candy thermometer to determine the temperature of the wax. Whatever wax you use will have a specific temperature requirement, usually around 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Straighten the wick; place a small dot of hot glue to the metal piece at the bottom of the wick, and affix to the center of the jar.

Pour in the wax, but reserve a small amount of wax for later use. Use chopsticks, pencils or similar item to keep the wick in place as the wax cools. You can place the candle in the fridge for about ten minutes to speed up the cooling process. Remove the candle from the fridge once the wax has begun to harden.

Use a paper clip to poke a small hole down the side of the wick. This will help keep the wax from forming a well next to the wick after it has cooled. Once the candle has cooled for a couple of hours, a dent may still form next to the wick. In this case, reheat the reserved wax to the specified temperature and fill the well.

Allow the candle to cool overnight. Trim the wick, and your candle is ready to go.

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