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From Package to Container

0 Comments 19 April 2010

From Package to Container

Everyday packaging can be repurposed into a variety of helpful containers. When shopping, always keep in mind what you could use to repurpose in to items you need around the house.

Baby food votive jars

Used baby food jars make excellent jars for tea lights. Simply rinse, remove the label, and scrub away any adhesives.

Tea tin toothbrush holders

Attractive tea tins can be repurposed to serve a variety of uses, including as a toothbrush and toiletry holder.

Soda bottle vases

Empty soda bottles can make for great vases for small floral arrangements.

Mint/lozenge tins

Mint and lozenge tins have myriad uses. One simple use? For loose cards, change and other items that you want to keep track of in your purse. These can work great as business card holders if you have business cards with rounded edges.

Glass jar piggy banks

This is a simple and classic way to reuse empty jars.

What are your favorite ways to reuse old jars and tins?

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